Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a versatile and powerful crystal known for its clarity and amplifying properties. It is often referred to as the "Master Healer" due to its ability to enhance and amplify the energy of other crystals and stones. Clear Quartz is a crystal of clarity, focus, and transformation. It has a high vibrational energy that can help to purify and balance the mind, body, and spirit.


One of the key properties of Clear Quartz is its ability to amplify intentions and manifestation. It acts as a magnifier, enhancing the power of one's thoughts and intentions, making it an ideal crystal for setting goals and manifesting desires. Clear Quartz also has a cleansing and purifying effect, both on a physical and energetic level. It helps to clear away stagnant or negative energies, promoting a sense of clarity and rejuvenation.


Clear Quartz is associated with all zodiac signs as it is a universal crystal that can benefit anyone. However, it is particularly beneficial for individuals born under the sign of Capricorn. Capricorns are known for their ambition and discipline, and Clear Quartz can help to enhance these qualities, promoting focus, clarity, and goal achievement.

Clear Quartz is commonly associated with the crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head. The crown chakra is the gateway to higher consciousness and spiritual connection. Clear Quartz helps to open and activate the crown chakra, promoting spiritual growth, intuition, and clarity of thought. It also helps to balance and align all the chakras, making it a valuable crystal for overall energetic balance and well-being.

Abundance . Clear Quartz and Peridot Infused


Moonlight . Clear Quartz Infused


Rough Clear Quartz point


5cm Clear Quartz Moon Phase Crystal Point


Clear Quartz Crystal necklace card


Clear Quartz Face Roller