Rutilated Quartz


Rutilated Quartz is a mesmerising crystal that is characterised by delicate golden or reddish needle-like inclusions known as rutiles. It is a form of quartz that is highly valued for its unique appearance and powerful metaphysical properties. Rutilated Quartz is often referred to as the "illuminator of the soul" due to its ability to bring clarity, spiritual growth, and transformation.

The rutiles within Rutilated Quartz are composed of titanium dioxide, and they create a stunning visual effect within the crystal. These golden or reddish threads are believed to amplify the energy of the quartz and enhance its healing properties. Rutilated Quartz is known for its ability to cleanse and purify the energy field, removing negative energies, and promoting spiritual growth.


Rutilated Quartz is associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini. Gemini individuals can benefit from the energy of Rutilated Quartz as it enhances their communication skills, mental clarity, and intuition. It helps to balance their dual nature and promotes self-discovery and personal growth.

Rutilated Quartz is primarily associated with the crown chakra, which is the highest chakra in the body, responsible for spiritual connection and enlightenment. It helps to open and align the crown chakra, allowing for a deeper connection to higher realms and spiritual guidance. Additionally, Rutilated Quartz is believed to activate and energise all chakras, bringing balance and harmony to the entire energy system.

Rutilated Quartz tumblestone


Rutilated quartz is a variety of quartz containing needle-like inclusions of rutile, a mineral composed primarily of titanium dioxide (with large amounts of iron oxide).
Symbolically, rutilated quartz is linked with the higher realms. It is thought of as a stone of celestial power, elevating and illuminating the soul, amplifying intention, and enhancing intuition.
Because rutilated quartz is composed of both rutile and quartz, it contains the healing properties and benefits of both. This combined energy is so intense that it is said to channel divine inspiration.
Consequently, rutile quartz is widely known to foster clarity of thought, fuel spiritual creativity, promote greater insight, and guide decisive action.

Although we believe all crystals emit a special energy and frequency, they should not be used in place of medical treatment of any kind. Crystals should be used as part of a holistic approach to healing, in essence helping your mind and body to heal itself.