Unakite is a unique and beautiful stone that combines the properties of two minerals, pink feldspar and green epidote. It is characterised by its mottled appearance with shades of pink, green, and sometimes brown. Unakite is known for its gentle and calming energy that promotes emotional healing and balance. It is believed to help release emotional blockages, promote forgiveness, and encourage inner peace and harmony. Unakite is also associated with nurturing and love, making it a wonderful stone for fostering healthy relationships and emotional growth.

Unakite is linked to the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Pisces. Scorpios can benefit from the grounding and stabilising energy of Unakite, as it helps them manage their intense emotions and promotes emotional healing. For Pisces, Unakite supports their compassionate nature and encourages them to connect with their inner self and embrace self-love.

Unakite primarily resonates with the heart chakra. The heart chakra is located in the centre of the chest and governs love, compassion, and emotional well-being. Unakite helps in opening and balancing the heart chakra, allowing for the flow of love and healing energy. It promotes emotional healing, forgiveness, and the release of past traumas, enabling one to experience greater emotional clarity and a deeper connection with oneself and others.