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Sienna Blue

The Chakra Diffuser

The Chakra Diffuser

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Immerse your space in the power of our Chakra Diffuser, where the healing properties of seven specially chosen crystals intertwine with the sweet and comforting aroma of sandalwood and vanilla.

The combination of Sandalwood and Vanilla creates a harmonious blend that balances the earthy and grounding qualities of sandalwood with the sweet and comforting notes of vanilla. This sweet and woody scent has been especially created to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort.

Designed to enhance your space and promote a sense of balance, our Chakra diffuser is infused with a harmonious blend of seven crystals. Each stone is carefully selected to correspond with the seven chakras, allowing you to create a harmonious and energetically balanced environment.

Amethyst: Revered for its calming and spiritually protective properties, Amethyst assists in opening and balancing the Crown Chakra, promoting a deep sense of tranquility and spiritual connection.

Sodalite: With its ability to enhance spiritual awareness, Sodalite aids in opening the Third Eye Chakra, allowing for greater intuition and clarity of thought.

Blue Chalcedony: Encouraging self-expression and facilitating the alignment and balance of the Throat Chakra, Blue Chalcedony empowers you to confidently communicate your truth.

Green Aventurine: Infusing the Heart Chakra with harmony and balance, Green Aventurine attracts love, prosperity, and abundance into your life, fostering a deep sense of fulfilment.

Citrine: Known as the stone of abundance, Citrine ignites the Solar Plexus Chakra, amplifying self-confidence, creativity, and personal power, empowering you to manifest your desires.

Carnelian: Deeply connected to the Sacral Chakra, Carnelian is renowned as the stone of creativity, fuelling passion, motivation, and inspiring artistic expression.

Red Jasper: Grounding and stabilising, Red Jasper anchors the Root Chakra, instilling feelings of security, strength, and stability, allowing you to feel grounded and rooted in your being.

Created with a commitment to sustainability, this diffuser is crafted with a vegan and eco-friendly base, ensuring that you can indulge in its benefits while being mindful of the planet.


Rapeseed wax, Lavender essential oil, Ethically sourced Amethyst, Dried lavender buds

Shipping & Returns

Made to order. Ships from United Kingdom


16.5 x 8.9 cm


Care Instructions

Dried flowers are for decorative purposes only and should be removed before lighting the candle.

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